Draftinc Patent Drafting and Drawing Fees

We charge by the hour, not by the sheet. We do this for several reasons:
  1. Our drawings utilize smaller margins with special arrangement of figures so that they will pass in most countries without changes (with the exception of eliminating English text when required). This results in MORE drawing sheets - at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you but has the ADDED BENEFIT OF SAVING YOU MONEY during the national phase of foreign filing.
  2. To show details, we can enlarge figures to fill a sheet without worrying about the budgetary constraints resulting from typical, per-sheet pricing structures.
  3. It would be unfair to our clients to charge a flat rate for simple drawings.
  4. It would be unfair to us to charge a flat rate for complex drawings.
Our current rate is $90 per hour. We have a minimum fee of $20 per sheet due to procedural and archiving overhead.

We are happy to provide a quote before starting any job.

ATT INVENTORS: We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before quoting your drawings. If you do not have an NDA, we can provide one.

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