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Since 1980, Draftinc has been providing quality patent drafting, trademark drawing and technical illustration services to intellectual property (IP) and marketing professionals in the US and select countries throughout the world. For more than 35 years, some of the world's largest companies have relied on us to help protect their intellectual property. Why? Because Draftinc furnishes its clients with the highest quality, error-free patent drawings and illustrations, quickly, at an affordable price. More importantly, we perform a value added service not found at most drafting firms: intelligent advice to help broaden your coverage while utilizing as few patent drawing figures as possible. For client roster click here.

Our Draftinc patent drafting team excels at drawings of all types:
  • Specialty in design patent drawings
  • Exploded perspective views
  • Mechanical and electrical schematics
  • Charts & graphs
  • Computer interface drawings
  • Gene sequence drawings
  • Can work from photos, sketches, actual objects or CAD files
  • Photographic design patent drawings possible thanks to our professional photo studio and Photoshop® expertise
Always looking to improve our service, we stay on the cutting edge of technology, and have adopted many of the latest tools and methods for patent drawing preparation. We were one of the pioneers of electronic delivery of drawings via PDF, the use of digital cameras, and our latest innovation - DraftLINK, online job management and tracking. Above all, service to our patent and inventor professionals is our primary concern.

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Poor Patent Drawings:
Penny Wise & Pound Foolish

Special Article - Published in NJ Lawyers special Intellectual Property Section - written by David Spivak, President of Draftinc.
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