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You are subscribing to a service that provides you with electronic access to a DATABASE LIST of your company's drawings that are stored in the Draftinc electronic database. No drawings are actually stored on our web server. As part of this service, you are being provided with a password for you to obtain access to your company's database created and maintained by Draftinc. You may change the password if you wish. Your company's database cannot be accessed without your password. Draftinc does not share your password within anyone other than yourself. In consideration of your use of this service, you agree to:

1. Keep a record of those employees with which you have shared this password; and
2. Hold Draftinc harmless for any damages resulting from access to your company's databse by anyone who obtains your password from you, regardless of whether access to your password was authorized or unauthorized.

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Poor Patent Drawings:
Penny Wise & Pound Foolish

Special Article - Published in NJ Lawyers special Intellectual Property Section - written by David Spivak, President of Draftinc.
...Read more about why Quality Patent Drawings are so important for more than just your patent application!