General Procedures:

To better serve our clients, we have established the following procedures and work flow:
  1. Patent drawing submission - Clients send drawings, sketches, photos, CAD files or actual objects via mail, courier, fax or email. Please send a completed drawing request form along with your source materials.
  2. A quote is given if requested.
  3. Drawings are entered into the Draftlink system with your due date. DraftLink is updated through each step of this process.
  4. TThe assigned patent draftsman completes your patent illustrations and submits them for internal review.
  5. A Draftinc team member performs the first round of proofing.
  6. The patent illustrator makes corrections if neccessary.
  7. Second round of proofing is performed by a Draftinc team member.
  8. Final patent illustrations are emailed or shipped to the client via email in PDF format.
  9. Upon approval from the client, the job is billed. When COLOR drawings are required, they are printed and sent.
  10. Your patent drawings will remain on our secure internal server for approximately 12 months.
  11. All documents are shredded, physical specimens returned.


After 12 months, your drawings are archived to M-Disc media which will exist for the life of your patent. An archival DVD copy is kept off site at a secure location to avoid loss due to fire or similar event.


Our normal delivery is 2 weeks. Faster service is available on request. Next day and same day service are possible - additional fees may apply.


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